We Honor Veterans Program

By recognizing the unique needs of our nation’s Veterans who are facing a life-limiting illness, Blue Horizons Hospice is better able to accompany and guide Veterans and their families toward a more peaceful ending. And in cases where there might be some specific needs related to the Veteran’s military service, combat experience, or other traumatic events, Blue Horizons Hospice will find tools to help support those they are caring for.

Volunteer Programs

Every year, more than 450,000 volunteers provide 20+ million hours of service to hospice agencies around the country who share things like:


Something as simple as talking, playing cards or reading a book can make a big difference in someone’s life.


Our talented volunteers make everyone’s day when they share their gift with our patients.


Some agencies have trained volunteers with certified pets that can help bring patients joy, companionship and stress relief.

Sewing Circles

From pillowcases to walker totes, what they make is almost as important as the process of making it together.

Baked Goods

Volunteer “celebration bakers” make sure there is plenty of sweetness to aid in birthdays and special occasions.

Life Reviews

Volunteers can help patients capture and reflect on their memories for a recorded history their families will treasure.


Sometimes the best gift you can give is your presence. These volunteers make sure patients nearing the end are never alone.

Interested in Volunteering?